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 Answered MCQs on endocrine physiology by dr Khaled A Abulfadle

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مُساهمةموضوع: Answered MCQs on endocrine physiology by dr Khaled A Abulfadle   الأحد أكتوبر 30, 2011 11:55 am

Choose the correct answer (s):

1-During sleep there is a fall in the circulating level of..........
a. Cortisol.
b. Insulin.
c. Adrenaline.
d. Antidiuretic hormone.
e. Growth hormone.

2-Thyroid hormones, when secreted in excess, may cause an increase in the………..
a. Peripheral resistance.
b. Frequency of defecation.
c. Energy expenditure required for a given workload.
d. Duration of tendon reflexes.
e. Heart rate when cardiac adrenergic and cholinergic receptors are blocked.

3-Aldosterone secretion is increased by an increase in plasma…………
a. Volume.
b. Osmolality.
c. Potassium concentration.
d. Renin concentration.
e. ACTH concentration.

a. Secretion is regulated by a pituitary feedback control system.
b. Acts directly on bone to increase bone resorption.
c. Decreases the urinary output of calcium.
d. Decreases phosphate excretion.
e. Promotes absorption of calcium from the intestines.

5-Pancreatic glucagon……………..
a. Is produced by the beta cells of the islets of Langerhans.
b. Is a polypeptide.
c. Output is inversely proportional to the blood glucose level.
d. Has a half-life in the circulation of 3–4 hours.
e. Increases the breakdown of liver glycogen.

a. Stimulates release of free fatty acids from adipose tissue.
b. Secretion tends to raise the plasma potassium level.
c. Facilitates entry of glucose into skeletal muscle.
d. Facilitates entry of amino acids into skeletal muscle.
e. Secretion is increased by vagal nerve activity.
a. Is produced by the follicular cells of the thyroid gland.
b. Increases basal metabolic rate.
c. Reduces blood calcium in parathyroidectomized animals.
d. Secretion occurs when the blood phosphate level rises.
e. Stimulates osteoclast activity.

8-Adrenaline differs from noradrenaline in that it………………..
a. Increases the heart rate when injected intravenously.
b. Is the main catecholamine secreted by the adrenal medulla.
c. Increases the strength of myocardial contraction.
d. Is a more potent dilator of the bronchi.
e. Constricts blood vessels in mucous membranes.

a. Has a similar chemical structure and physiological action to luteinizing hormone.
b. Is responsible for breast growth in puberty.
c. Release is inhibited by dopamine.
d. Secretion is stimulated by suckling of the breast.
e. Causes pre-formed milk to be ejected by the breast during suckling.

10-Possible consequences of hypothyroidism include having……………………
a. A subnormal body core temperature.
b. A tendency to fall asleep frequently.
c. Increased body hair (hirsutism).
d. Moist hands and feet.
e. Prominent eyeballs.



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Answered MCQs on endocrine physiology by dr Khaled A Abulfadle
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